How to find out what charger I need?

First of all, in our shop on home page choose one of the two types of product: home chargers or business chargers, according to charger’s purpose. Within the selected category, you will find an overview of several types of the chargers. Home chargers vary in power (from 3.7 kW to 22 kW) and also according to what model and type of vehicle they are designed to.

The optimum charger for your home is one that is suitable to the power of the converters in your electric car.

As for chargers for the commercial use, the power ranges from 7 kW to 50 kW and are also suitable for a particular type and model of the vehicle. If you need help with choosing a charger, send us a description of your needs by e-mail at or call us on the phone numbers (+381) 11 77 04 566 or (+381) 65 62 24 562 and we We will help you to choose the best model of your device according to your needs.

What accessories do I need to get with charger?

If you have chosen a charger with a T2 socket, you certainly need the T2 cable. You can see our offer of cables in the Accessories section at Homepage.

Although all chargers are made according to standards that include a certain protection degree, pursuant to domestic regulations (SRPS 60364 – 7-722) it is also required to install protective equipment. This equipment is necessary so that you can be completely safe when using the charger, regardless of the model you have chosen. There are various sets of protective equipment and the main difference is whether the charger has one or more charging places.

Check out our offer of protective sets in Accessories section.

You have an option to choose a set that includes Smart Wallbox charger, the T2 cable and a set of protective equipment, and that way you get everything you need for one charging place.

Who do I call to get more information on chargers?

For all information on the charger’s selection and features, also about the installation requirements, please contact us via e-mail or simply call us (+ 381) 11 77 04 566 or (+ 381) 65 62 24 562.

Do you provide any warranty ?

Of course. The Charger guarantee is 24 months.

How to install charger?

All instructions for installation of charger and accessories you can find here.

If you have special requests, send us an e-mail query